Hello, my name is Chent Sanchez.

I’m a freelance Art director, illustrator, and 2D animator.

Welcome to my portfolio.


I use traditional, digital and vectorial techniques to create visuals for games, brands, editorials, music album covers, art events and comics.

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2D Animations

I cover several aspects of animation production: scriptwriting, storyboarding, motion design and character animation for games, commercials, explainers and music videos.

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Video Games

I have  worked on +15 games, with indies and international studios on mobile/tablet and browser projects. I have experiences in art direction, concept art, 2D animation and UI design.

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Vincent “Chent” Fernandez-Sanchez.

Art director, digital designer, illustrator, and 2D animator.

Specialised in illustration, 2D animation and video game, with 15 years experience creating digital content for a wide range of projects; from conceptualization to delivery. With comprehensive understanding of design and the capacity to identify creative directions. Exceptional collaborative and interpersonal skills; dynamic team player with well-developed written and verbal communication skills. 

Along my professional career, I constantly developed and explored new ways of expressing myself in my personal work by painting murals and canvas, making toys, or writing stories. I have participated in many art events such as Pictoplasma, Secret Wars, Cut&Paste and Street Fest London.

I’m from Paris, I lived 9 years in London, 3 years in Barcelona, and I am now based in Nantes, France, from where I work with game studios, digital & advertising agencies all around the world. 


What I love the most about my job is the opportunity to meet amazing people, so feel free to contact me: chent@chentsanchez.fr
If you want to discuss a project, please give me some informations and I will get back to you shortly.
If you like my work, I would be happy to know which one of my project is your favourite.