Stickers !

I love turning my characters into stickers. It’s a great way to promote my work and to share with the people I meet. Here is a selection of my latest stickers:
This character is called Hoodie Ghost. This is my latest sticker, printed via StickerApp.
This is Tony Monk. The final design is losely based on a sketch I found in an old sketchbook from 2013. Printed via StickerApp.
This one is also based on a drawing found is an old sketchbook, probably even older. Printed via StickerApp.
Inspired by the album “KLR” from Saian Supa Crew, originaly designed by Mode 2.
The Fishman. You can find alternative versions on this page.
If you ever meet me, don’t forget to ask me for stickers ! I always have some in my bag.